Indoor Air Quality Services

House after Norcon Enviro has done serviceAccording to the EPA, the average American spends approximately 90% of their time inside. While indoor air quality (IAQ) is often taken for granted, EPA studies show that the air inside your home is actually two to five times more polluted than outside air. Committed to your family’s health and safety, NORCON’s IAQ experts investigate, test, and correct air quality problems stemming from the presence of mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, lead, and other contaminants.

When residents suffer from severe allergies, respiratory disease, asthma, or immune conditions, poor indoor air quality can be a major concern. Called “sick building syndrome,” contaminated indoor air is known to cause increased colds and flu, asthma exacerbations, weakness and lethargy, sore throat, itchy skin and rashes, allergies, headaches, and more.

For your family’s health and peace of mind, NORCON inspects buildings and HVAC systems for evidence of pollutants that could adversely impact residents. Identifying the problem and providing a comprehensive report, we recommend steps for remediation.


NORCON Environmental IAQ services include investigation and indoor air quality testing for the following contaminants:

  • Mold and bacteria
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Particulates & Dust
  • Temperature
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Moisture and humidity

Contact NORCON Environmental for Home IAQ Services

NORCON Environmental provides indoor air quality testing and mitigation recommendations for homeowners throughout New Jersey. Our trusted NJ IAQ solutions improve your family’s health and reduce the infiltration of lurking contaminants. To schedule IAQ testing or inquire about project pricing for IAQ remediation, call 201.230.8800 or submit a secure online inquiry today.