Services for Shooting Ranges

Shooting Range ServicesSpent ammunition at firing ranges and gun clubs may contribute to environmental pollution, soil contamination, and health concerns. When humans are exposed to hazardous amounts of lead, it can lead to nervous system damage, learning disabilities, reproductive difficulties, memory problems, and joint pain. Serving indoor and outdoor firing ranges throughout the Northeast, NORCON helps clients assess and manage facility lead levels, comply with regulatory guidelines, and reclaim high concentrations of lead. Comprehensive service goals include:

  • Teaching gun club owners and operators to operate in an environmentally protective manner.
  • Promoting an understanding of lead as an environmental, public, and regulatory concern.
  • Educating facility owners about the benefits of good management practices.
  • Working with shooting ranges to minimize litigation risk.
  • Incorporating EPA Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges.

Indoor & Outdoor Shooting Range Consultants

NORCON’s testing and consulting services for shooting ranges include:

Frequently Asked Questions About Shooting Ranges

Yes, however, NORCON strongly encourages the gun club to train volunteers in the lead hazards for range maintenance, and in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Yes. A regular shop vacuum is not designed to contain fine particles of lead. Range maintenance should include the regular use of a HEPA vacuum.

No. Typically the lead concentrations in a HEPA filter will be considered hazardous waste and must be disposed of by a licensed transporter.

First, you must determine the pH of the soil, and depending on the acidity, you can apply lime with a spreader at the prescribed pounds per square foot.

The main shot charge falls at an average of 450 to 650 feet from the point of discharge, depending on the angle and topography.

By overlapping the shot fall zones by moving trap machines, and by using a shot curtain to contain shot to a certain distance. Other management tools can be found in the EPA Best Management Practices for Outdoor Shooting Ranges.

Yes. At a minimum, shooting range employees are required to be trained in lead awareness, as per the Hazard Communication OSHA 1910.1200. An employer is also required to determine if an employee will be exposed to lead during an eight-hour work shift, in excess of the OSHA lead standard, as per 1910.1025. If so, additional regulations may apply.

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A reputable provider of environmental risk assessment and mitigation services, NORCON provides lead testing, management, and remediation for shooting ranges. To schedule your no-obligation consultation or inquire about project pricing for your firing range or gun club, call 201.230.8800 or submit a secure online request today. We look forward to partnering with your facility!