Lead Risk Assessment

Shooting Range ServicesLead poses a safety and environmental risk when firing ranges and gun clubs are not properly equipped to manage cleaning, reclamation, or disposal. To help range owners identify lead exposure and risks, NORCON Environmental provides a walk-through service.

During this lead risk assessment, our environmental experts:

  • Examine firing range facilities for environmental and safety risks.
  • Discuss lead management for the present and future.
  • Recommend potential lead reclamation methods.
  • Educate clients about environmental regulations and OSHA guidelines.
  • Provide recommendations for management, cleanup and disposal of lead based upon findings.

Contact NORCON Environmental

A reputable provider of contamination mitigation and lead risk assessment, NORCON works with private and public shooting ranges to keep employees and visitors safe while complying with regulations. To schedule your no-obligation consultation or inquire about pricing for your firing range or gun club, call 201.230.8800 or submit a secure online request today. We look forward to partnering with your facility!