Environmental Stewardship Plans

Mountains and lake with Norcon Environmental LogoAfter completing your site evaluation and identifying contamination risks, the next step is to create an Environmental Stewardship Plan for your gun club or shooting range. NORCON Environmental experts help club owners and operators draft a plan that incorporates the EPA’s Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges. This document becomes the organizational road map for gun clubs and commercial shooting ranges with regard to the future management and reclamation of lead ammunition.

Benefits of implementing an Environmental Stewardship Plan for your shooting range include:

  • Identifying the existence of hazardous conditions.
  • Protecting your business from future litigation.
  • Documenting environmental protection procedures for future reference.
  • Developing a financial plan based upon the cost of stewardship measures.
  • Creating historical documentation for your facility.

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A reputable provider of environmental testing, lead mitigation, and environmental stewardship planning for gun club owners and operators, NORCON works with private and public facilities and shooting ranges to achieve safety and regulation compliance. To schedule your no-obligation consultation or inquire about pricing for your firing range or gun club, call 201.230.8800 or submit a secure online request today.