Soil Characterization

Shooting Range ServicesContaminants from bullets and projectiles, targets, or primers can easily make their way into the environment if range owners do not have proper management guidelines in place. Lead and other contaminants are dangerous for people, wildlife, and plants. At NORCON Environmental, our team of environmental professionals collect soil samples, test for leachable lead concentrations, and recommend cost-effective management reclamation or treatment procedures.

NORCON Environmental’s comprehensive range of soil characterization services includes:

  • Mapping of trap and skeet field shot fall zones
  • Sampling and mapping of bullet concentrations for rifle and pistol ranges
  • Soil pH analysis
  • Synthetic Precipitation Leachate Procedure (SPLP) analysis

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A reputable provider of soil characterization and OSHA-approved lead management services, NORCON works with private and public gun clubs and shooting ranges to achieve safety and regulation compliance. To schedule your no-obligation consultation or inquire about pricing for your firing range or gun club, call 201.230.8800 or submit a secure online request today.